Do you like girls in jeans? I do not know what girls wears in place where you live, but where I live it is probably that kind of clothes they wears the most. I have to say that I like more skirts or dresses, but if girl has beautiful ass, than yes, tight jeans might be also very sexy. I think that perfect example is this new “jeans” picture set with Xo Gisele. Jeans has never been so hot. Even I like to see Gisele more in skirts, dresses or bikinis, you can see that she looks stunning in jeans also. That is without a doubt one of the reasons why popularity of this blonde babe is now growing by speed of light. How many ladies can say that they look amazingly hot in anything? I do not think that many can say that.

Well, even this set is called jeans, I’m sure that most of you are looking for the part when she pulls those jeans down. Than you can see something interesting and that is that she does not wear any panties and after she takes off her top, you can see that she does not wear any bra. Why? I do not know, maybe the person who took these photos knows, but I do not think that he will ever tell us. Another reason why I envy this guy his job so much, can you imagine making living by taking photos of nude Gisele? Hell, tell me about dream job! whan you look on those jeans how tight they are, than I’m sure she even needed some help from him taking them off her perfect body.

Gisele Without Tight Jeans

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