Xo Gisele in black leather and fishnet stockings. I really do not need to even see the pictures and I know it will be something very very hot. Do not look at the pictures and just imagine Gisele in sol sexy black leather body and fishnet stockings. That is combination which is really something cool, isn’t it? You can be sure that she knows how to pose in this kind of clothes, because… yes she has done that few times before. In thisu pdate there is again as few times before something for foot fetish fans and some really nice close picture of Gisele’s beautiful feet.

If you read this blog regularly you already know that I’m so big fan of corsets, but it is something you really only see at pictures, maybe at gothic metal concerts, but that is just all. Have you ever seen some lady with corset on the street? I have not and I thought that really all corsets are either those “gothic” likes or erotic ones that are only to be worn home, especially in bedroom to spice things up. Well, In these pics you can see Gisele in such kind of corset which actually might be something lady can wear outside in the street and would not look weird. Well, I think it would definetely catch some attention of people, but I guess no one would be offended or something like that. It just looks like normal clothes, but still is something so extremely sexy and hot! I really hope to see more sexy girl in future wearing it, even I know that vast majority of them would not look not even nearly as stunning as Giselle in it.

Tight Jeans And Corset

There are tight pants and there are “tight” pants and these are definetely the second case. I think that not many girls can afford to wear pants like and still look good, but Gisele is definetely one of these chicks. She has beautiful legs and amazing ass and in such cases I think it should be some kind of rule that all girls with these qualities wears such pants. Oh yeah that would be really great to live in such world.

In the title I write that these pants are leather, but I really doubt that. it is that new material which I do not know really how is called, but it is very popular among girls these days. I think it is way too flexible to really be leather, but at least when you look at them, they looks like leather. Well I do not think that it is realy important, only important thing is that they look great.

This update is called Royal and Gisele really looks like some chic from uppper class..well probably except those pants, I do not think that real princesses wears pnats like this, but I do not know, I have enver been with one, so maybe they do.

xoGisele these pants are serously tight

What could be better way how to celebrate last day of this year than new Gisele picture gallery? This update is called worship and I’m sure everyone who worships Gisele’s beauty gonna enjoy this update. so happy new year and I wish to all of us fans of Gisele many amazing updates and live webcam shows.


Hi, in last post we already had first XMas gallery, but those were only selfshots, this time we have finally update with professional XMas photos with Gisele. I knew that these photos will probably be really good, but they are not good. No, they are actually great. I’m pretty sure that when I will share this picture on facebook, it will get huge amount of likes and shares as every hot picture with Gisele gets. Xo Gisele is simply girl with great “social” potential. If you are not fan of this page on facebook already, than like it now! Wwhen you like it, you will never miss out any update again.

xo Gisele merry xmas